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Whilst new to Ireland the franchise has a proven product with over 650 stores in 11 countries to date across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The first Irish store started trading at its Point Campus premises beside the 3Arena in late October 2018 and a second opened at the Blanchardstown Centre beside Krispy Kreme in December 2018, with ambitious plans to go national in the coming years. Good news for Ireland with up to 20 jobs being created at each store and Irish suppliers key with Pita Pit sourcing local wherever possible with primary suppliers including Pallas Foods, La Rousse Foods, Fine Food Dining and Keelings.

Having grown up in the food retail space and worked for a franchise business in his college days, Director John Nevin has always had an interest in bringing the right franchise opportunity to Ireland. As luck would have it, back in 2015 as he was exploring the idea of starting a business with some close friends and family, friends of his returned from New Zealand raving about the Pita Pit concept and its fresh healthy tasty offerings. From there John, his cousin Brian Murray and friend Tony Nobbs came together and set off on their journey to bring Pita Pit to Ireland with niece and food scientist Suzanne Murray joining the team to lead the first store opening. And the rest they say is history!

Apart from Pita Pit’s down to earth “Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating” ethos focused on making fast food healthy, casual and accessible to everyone, it was clear to the Irish team of good food enthusiasts that they were partnering with people and an organisation that are committed to people development, positively impacting their immediate community, wellness and having fun along the way.

When Pita Pit began back in 1995, Braveheart was Best Picture, Seinfeld was all the rage, the OJ Simpson trial was headline news, the Worldwide Web was just taking off and the DVD was new—and a major innovation. So was the idea that drove Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis to open their first Pita Pit in Kingston, Ontario. Today’s trend toward healthier eating was still a long way off, but Nelson and John were ahead of the curve. They were convinced the time was right to offer a fresh, healthy alternative to traditional high-fat, high-carb, high-calorie fast foods. Their Lebanese-style pita sandwiches packed with fresh veggies, grilled meats and zesty sauces were an instant hit with the college and university crowd, especially since the store stayed open late—well into the wee hours of the morning, making it perfect for students taking a break from studying or coming home after a night of partying. Within two years, franchise stores had begun opening right across Canada. Two years later, they were opening in the USA where the concept took off immediately with consumers of all ages.

At Pit Pit we love healthy, natural, fresh ingredients and funnily enough, so does your body. Because when it comes to the body, controlling what you put into it makes it a lot easier to control what you get out of it. So a fresh, healthy, tasty Pita Pit with exactly what you want, how you want it, is pretty much the best way in the world to do your body a favour. And there’s one handy to you right now. So what are you waiting for? At Pita Pit we make good food irresistible. Flavours that excite. Fresh, quality ingredients you can see. All hand made, exactly how you like it, every time. And not because it’s trendy, we’ve been doing it this way for twenty years right around the world.


Be fanatical
about everything you do

We help people feel better by making it easy to choose nutritious, tasty, authentic and fresh food that’s good for you and your taste buds. No meal-hangovers here. Because when it comes to your body, we know that fuelling it with great foods means you can be at your best. But it’s not just the food that’s better, we want our customers to have the best possible experience at every touchpoint from the in-store environment and customer service, through to online and delivery with our team living by the motto that ‘better never stops’.


We offer an enriching and nutritious experience to our customers by aiming to find locations that serve vibrant communities and provide a quality offering exactly when people need it. Staying fresh, staying flexible, and staying ahead is something that we hope to do even in the difficult times. We are always trying to find new ways to improve our ingredients, our menu, our process and keep our fans happy. We want to be a part of communities on the move.

I'll allways have
your back

We believe if more people could access our nutritious tasty Pitas, whenever, wherever and however they wanted, the world would be a better place. That’s why we continually strive to be better by ensuring our products and services are accessible, quick, effortless and efficient.

Be as fresh
as our food

We’re not a fad or a trend. We’re Pita specialists committed to providing real, good quality and nutritious meal options that everyone can enjoy. Don’t simply take our word for it, visit your locally owned and operated Pita Pit (that’s all of them!) and let us show you through our food, our service and our business practices.

You can't go wrong
Doing the right thing

We care for the health and wellbeing of our customers, our people and our planet. In our stores you’ll find only the best, natural fillings and ingredients sourced from our team of suppliers, farmers, bakers and artisans throughout Ireland. Our team are consciously working to reduce our environmental impact on our planet starting with minimising plastic waste and using sustainable, free range, free farmed and local ingredients wherever possible. We hold ourselves to a high standard to ensure that our customers not only receive the best tasting Pita in the world but can rest assured it’s better for you and the planet too, as we consistently strive to be better.